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BroadBand Light™ Therapy (Sciton® Forever Young BBL™) in Jackson and Dyersburg, TN

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About BroadBand Light Therapy

The Forever Young BroadBand Light (or BBL) treatment uses regenerating technology to improve the aesthetics of the skin and makes it appear more youthful and smoother. This works by employing therapeutic light energy that mildly heats the top layer of skin and generates collagen production. Patients with a variety of skin issues may benefit from BBL since it functions to fix unwanted freckles, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and sun damage. It can also help create a more smooth and even skin surface texture to generate fresh, glowing skin. BBL can be added to other cosmetic treatments to meet your needs and goals. Our practice, Nordstar Medical, Skincare & Laser Center in Jackson and Dyersburg, TN, offers BBL at the recommendation of Dr. Laura Dipuma as an advanced therapy proven to help rejuvenate our patients' skin.

Am I a Candidate for BBL?

An ideal candidate for BBL is anyone dealing with hyperpigmentation or heavily textured skin. These conditions may be due to acne, sun damage, damaged capillaries, or rosacea. BBL also helps to make the skin look younger by initiating the regeneration of collagen. Depending on the types of filter and modality used, BBL may be utilized as a treatment and/or maintenance regimen for a wide array of skin issues. Before undergoing treatment, Dr. Dipuma will explain how BBL technology might help achieve your desired results.

BBL Technique

After creating the appropriate treatment plan, the settings of the BBL system will be adjusted to fit the needs of your skin. Before starting the procedure, your eyes will be covered to protect them from the light of the laser. Dr. Dipuma will then gently pass the laser over your skin while focusing on the treatment areas. The length of time necessary for your treatment will change, depending on the issue being treated and whether any other services were added to the BBL session. BBL procedures can typically be finished in about an hour or less.

BBL Recovery

Following the therapy, a soothing lotion will be applied to your skin. Dr. Dipuma will also provide post-treatment care instructions and might advise reducing your sun exposure. Otherwise, patients are generally able to resume their normal daily routine. Results from BBL can be seen within 2 – 6 weeks after the initial therapy, but optimal results will typically be seen after multiple BBL sessions. Dr. Dipuma will provide the recommended number of procedures to receive your desired outcome.

Regenerate Your Skin

This exciting therapy uses cutting-edge technology to improve the look and texture of the skin, regardless of what skin condition you might be experiencing. By producing young, glowing, and even skin, BBL can help you regain confidence in your appearance. To find out more about BBL treatments and if they're the ideal fit for you, contact Nordstar Medical, Skincare & Laser Center to set up your consultation.

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